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  • I love Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Facial Wash more than any face wash I've ever tried. It makes my face feels more energized and vibrant before going out, also feeling fresh, and confident, I absolutely love it!

    - Ifan Alfian,

    Friends of Kiehl’s

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  • I use Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence, because of its texture, easily absorbed into the skin, and not sticky. My skin feels healthier and it reduces the appearance of fine line. Thank you Kiehls : )

    - Dessy Ang,

    Friends of Kiehl’s

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  • I had dull skin and some dark spots caused by acnes. A year ago i got a sample of Kiehl’s Corrective Dark Spot Solution. Finally i bought it and i can see a clear improvement. My dark spots are getting better and smaller than before.

    - Yossa Irawan,

    Friends of Kiehl’s

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  • I am using this product to keep my skin moist 24 hours. Dry skin? Shoo!

    - Jesandy Pranat,

    Kiehl’s Skincare Expert

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  • With Ultra Sun Screen SPF50, it’s light, not sticky, and i can be active all day!

    - Putri Haryani,

    Kiehl’s Skincare Expert

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  • The Midnight Recovery Concentratre works really well for me. You'll notice your skin is more supple and glowing in the morning. I think this serum also calm my skin from the acne breakouts.

    - Salsya Almaz,

    Friends of Kiehl’s

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*Result can be vary to each individual based on the type and condition of the skin, how the user applied the product, and also other factors.